ManGlaze Butt Taco

This is another upcoming color from ManGlaze so "ignore the bottle, ignore the name" - just check out the color!  It's a bright orange matte with a bit of red in it - not really a tomato color but not carrot orange either.  This is 3 thin coats with no base or top coat.

Sorry for the blurry shade picture.  But you can see the color - just squint a little...

And because I can't leave stuff alone, here's a top coat over it.
Mmm, pretty shiny stuff that's all kinds of good.  Even if this color's name reminds me of a bad day at a Mexican place.  

And then in the shade.  Fun times!  This color isn't out yet but can you stand the wait?!

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Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company because of a Twitter giveaway.  For more information, please read this post.