Nail Files "Walter's Big, Fat Russian Birthday Party" Breakdown

Image from TV Guide Network's Facebook Page
Birthday party, Jersey Shore girls and stealing tips (money, not the nails)?!  It's another episode of Nail Files and it starts with Wonderful Walter doing the dishes and making coffee and FORGETTING VALENTINE'S DAY?!  But never fear, he picks some flowers out of the yard, sticks them in a glass and surprises Katie with them.  And then tells her how he's going to be doing all his daily chores.  Seriously - I need one of these in my lives.

His birthday is coming up (53!) so Katie wants to throw a huge Russian birthday party at Romanov - all Russian and totally Walter.  Too cute, seriously.

Down at the Painted Nail, and "everywhere you look" it's totally Candace Cameron Burke.  (Oh yes, I did sing the song in my head.)  I didn't know that Candace was on Make it Or Break It and neither did Katie, who busts out in a half handstand (which by the way, was better than I can do).

Back in the boutique, sounds like Tina is stealing tips and I'm thinking someone's going to get cut - LA style.

Katie gets to Romanov's (late) and it's a fancy place for sure.  All the red wallpaper with gold scrolls was killing my TV.  (The shaky camera was also killing me, but that's another story.)  So time to throw around numbers.  "$12,000?  No, I want $5,000!  Guess what - I own a nail salon and you have females in your life.  WIN."  Classic.

Hey Katie, I have a blog... You have nail polish...  Just saying.  (Totally kidding - I already have my Nail Files prize pack from Twitter - LOVE.)

Back to Tina and the missing tips.  Here's the thing - this is reality TV.  They are going to show the most outrageous moments they can find... and a money scandal is always good.

Katie has decided to learn a traditional Russian Gypsie Dance, and since Katie has an "excellent dance background", she's going to kill it.  She does seem to get it a lot quicker than I would, but I have to see something a thousand times when it comes to dance.

So back to Tina... and she's sending tons of weird text messages - almost obsessive.  Additionally she was telling Katie how she could better her business.  Uh, what?  (Also note: Katie doesn't like texting.  Crap.  Allow me to put my phone up.)  And spreading rumors that about threesomes?!  Come on now.

Okay, it's the time in the show where Katie vents to Walter and Walter comes to the rescue!  I really like him.  

Katie gets everything ready for the party including an awesome blue dress.  That girl knows how to party.  While Walter is looking for Katie, she's sneaked off to the bathroom to don her black wig and get ready to dance her heart out.  I think Walter is going to pass out in excitement when he realizes that Katie is up there dancing for him.  He looks so happy and so in love.

Random but Kenny G is all OVER the place right now.  Anyone else notice that?!  I thought that was him next to Walter at the party, but then when he was on stage playing his sax?  And what's up with the cameo in the Katy Perry video?  You're the man, Kenny.

Back to the Painted Nail and hold the phone, the Jersey Shore girls walk in.  Now it's probably not COMPLETELY random... the producer of JS is the producer of NF...  But hey, I love cross-overs.

Up next week, we get to see those Jersey girls in action and Tina goes cra cra!

Nail Files airs on the TV Guide Network Tuesdays at 10/9c.

Happy Dance!: I asked Katie on Twitter if I'd see her in two weeks at Cosmoprof and she said yes!  Here's hoping she and I can snag a Cape Cod or 10...  and a picture.  ;]