ManGlaze Metal Licka/Mink Mitten

Update 7 September 2011: ManGlaze, cheeky fellows they are, have renamed this polish "Mink Mitten".

"Think of this as Hot Mess's illegitimate offspring. "You got blingy shit in my purple!" "You got purpley shit in my bling bling!" And a new star is born. You may have seen a sneaky peek of this color under the name Metal Licka at but we couldn't resist a little inside joke. We're calling this one the Mink Mitten. It's a nickname we had for the Michigan peepshow/adult novelty chain, The Velvet Touch."
Ignore the bottle design and kind of ignore the name... This is one of the 3 new colors that ManGlaze is creating - release date has not been announced.  The name is temporary but for today, this is definitely Metal Licka.  It's like Fuggen Ugly and Hot Mess had a baby... and then fell into some grapes or something.  It's a matte finish despite having all the silver glitter running through it. I put this directly on my nails - no base, no top coat and just one coat of polish.  You can see a tiny bit of balding on the index and ring fingers but that could have been corrected with just another coat of polish.  Because this is a matte, it did dry fast.

Seriously.  Purple.  Glitter.  Matte.  Win.  Cue sun!

Here it is in the shade.

And of course, I can never leave things alone.  Here it is with a top coat of Seche Vite.  First in the sun:
Definitely need to wear 2 coats of polish - you can see the balding on my index badly now.

Now in the shade:

I haven't done a wear test yet, but it is a matte, so you know they don't wear as long as something sealed with a base/top coat.  As I mentioned before, this is not for sale yet.

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Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company because of a Twitter giveaway.  For more information, please read this post.