Nail Files "Let's Do the Oscars!" Breakdown

Image courtesy of TVGuide
While cleaning of my desk (long overdue), I found my breakdown of the episode "Let's Do The Oscars" originally airing on July 26, 2011.  You'll read it, right?  :]

Deam McDermott is supposed to drop by.  I don't know who that is right now (edit: I googled.  Hello hottie).

So Sundance didn't go well for Katie, but now she's going to try for the Oscars!  While I understand branding, I also want to side with Walter that sometimes spending a lot for the potential of a big turnout, may not be worth it.

Oh poor Nichole - you're doing too much!  I hope she works out - I love her hair too much.

I know Katie sounds bad at this point, but again BRANDING!  Speaking of, this blogger needs to write about her bottle of Painted Nail -cough-.

Omg - Foreshadowing the Spring collection?!  I don't know if the collection that is coming out is the one she is talking about since I don't know when this episode was taped.  (Edit: No, it's her 2011 Collection.)

Walter loves to clean?  This man is amazing.  So is that Shark vacuum.  I use Rainbow, personally.

Dang, so Katie wants to hire a receptionist, but not demote Nichole which makes everyone happy.

After commercial break, Katie finally is able to break up with her publicist.  She writes her final check and is done.  (Girl, you need someone like Y!)  Katie calls Walter and pulls up her contract and she was OVERpaying... Walter demands a stop payment for the check, which she does.

OH!  You're Tori Spelling's husband!  And uh, he also had some Girl Scout cookies - nom.

A bit more drama with this PR company.  Again, it's hard to discern exactly what happened over the many days (months) but bottom line: follow your contract and make your client happy!

The next breakdown will be the finale which has been sitting on my DVR this whole time.  I didn't want to watch it in case there wasn't a season 2, but there will be so I can watch now!  :]  (Don't try to understand my logic - I don't half the time.)