a-england Tristam

I have been admiring a-england from afar, but finally after Christmas, I made my first purchases.  This is Tristam, a royal blue holographic polish from the Mythicals collection.  I used a base coat of Poshe, one coat of polish and no top coat.  Look how opaque this beauty is!  AND THE HOLOGRAPHICS!!!!  Oh man.  Formula was a dream.

Sun overload!  So I finally figured out what's up with my index finger always having opaque problems.  I have a thin index nail.  It just happens - nothing wrong with the polishes I use, just I have a thin nail.

Even in the shade, you can see a bit of the holographic sparkle (barely, but it's there, okay?).

Finally indoors with the flash and BLAM.  Look how amazing this color is?!  I didn't have any staining with this polish but I only wore it for a day, so I don't know if longer = staining.

Tristam (UK£ 9.00) is currently out of stock from a-england [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter], but for those in the US, there are 2 e-tailers.  I purchased my bottle from OverallBeauty for $12 and she has this listed as on back-order.  Llarowe is the other US e-tailer and she also sells it for $12 and apparently has almost 50 available still.