Elixir Lacquers A Cool Fool

During a recent sale by Elixir Lacquers, A Cool Fool was given if you purchased 2 polishes.  This is a "holographic" rainbow glitter top coat in a clear base, much like China Glaze Fairy Dust.  Unfortunately, it was super cloudy this day, so you can't see all the prettiness in the bottle, and instead it appears to be a silver glitter.

I decided to use my existing China Glaze Electric Beat manicure, 1 coat of A Cool Fool, and a top of CND Air Dry.

You can see that the coverage is excellent for just one coat.

Loads of indirect sun pictures here - but you can finally see all the pretty rainbows that appear!  For anyone that missed out or can't find Fairy Dust, this is a great duplicate.  I had heard that Fairy Dust was discontinued, but my Sally's Beauty Supply still carries and restocks it, often, so who knows.

Slight blur to see the happy rainbows.

And finally indoors with the flash to show off the bottle, mostly.  Removal wasn't bad but I did have to wash my hands well to get all the microglitter off.

Elixir Lacquers [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] is available on their website for $10 a bottle.  Please note that every bottle of Elixir Lacquers is made to order, and therefore may have slight color variances.