a-england Lady of the Lake

My other beauty from a-england is Lady of the Lake, also from the Mythicals collection.  This is a purple holographic polish.  I used a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish and no top coat.

I originally thought that this would be like China Glaze LOL, but it's a darker purple with a less of a lineral pull to it.  I still am in love. MOAR PICTURES.

Nom nom.  It's a pretty little girl... erm lady.

As always, the shade kills the holographic and makes it look like a shimmer.  Boo.

Finally the indoors with the flash - a scattered holo, but I do love it.  Great stuff a-england... great.

Lady of the Lake (UK£ 9.00) is available from a-england [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter], and for those in the US, there are 2 e-tailers.  I purchased my bottle from OverallBeauty for $12 and she has this listed as on back-order.  Llarowe is the other US e-tailer and she also sells it for $12 and apparently has almost 35 available still.