Pure Ice Black Crackle

The companion to Pure Ice Golden Ticket is this black crackle.  As far as black crackles go, this one was pretty neat.  It was still relatively thin and well, as for the crackling... let me show you.  This is one coat of crackle over my existing manicure.  This crackle does dry matte, so I added Seche Vite to make it shine.

See how lovely it cracks?  This is how a lot of European crackles seem to work (versus OPI here in the States).  I'm happy!

Here in the shade , you can see that the glitter shows up super nicely under the crackle.

And finally indoors with the flash - well... not much else to say here.  Crackle - good deal.

You can purchase this duo for $6 straight from Bari Cosmetics here.  Read more about Bari's Cosmetics including Pure Ice on their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

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