Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger

2012 has been a big year of frankens, the act of mixing ingredients by a person to make a custom polish.  Some people use eyeshadow, pigments, existing nail polishes, glitter...  I don't even know it all.  My favorite frankener has always been Dr. Frankenpolish but she's been gone for a long time.  :|

When The PolishAHolic posted about Toxic Avenger almost a month ago, I knew I HAD to have it.  Dollish's next batch was going to be ready on 6 February and I actually set a reminder on my phone to wake me up so I could get one.  I believe only 3 bottles were available, all minis, and thanks to the Etsy iPhone website (and PayPal), I was able to buy one of the 3.  When I say mini, I do mean MINI.

It's even smaller than the OPI/SOPI mini bottles, but just barely.  Dollish says that her mini bottles are 1/8 oz (5 ml).  The SOPI minis are 1/8 fl oz but 3.75 ml, but color me confused on sizes.  I really don't know if Dollish was a misprint or if I'm just crazily confused.

From Dollish's page:  "Toxic Avenger" an 80's horror/hero cult classic. Poor nerdy Melvin, mutated after falling into a vat of nuclear waste, becomes the local mutant super hero. This amazing multi-chrome polish flashes from Grey, to Purple to Olive Green, with an intense Spectraflair pigment, most commonly known as holographic pigment which bursts into a rainbow of colors when the light catches it. Don't let this creepy little mutant scare you off. This color is one of the most unique and beautiful polishes I've made to date.
Each MINI bottle is 1/8 oz. (5ml)
Some pigments and glitters may settle to the bottom of each bottle, please shake bottle thoroughly before each use to achieve the correct color. Due to the fluctuating cost of some pigments, some Franken's may be more expensive than others.
This polish is 3-free! This polish does not contain the chemicals Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene.
For this manicure I started with a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish on my index and middle fingers, and then I tried CND Blackjack on my ring and pinkie fingers, & then 2 coats of Toxic Avenger.  I topped all nails with CND Air Dry.

I'm determined to get my hands on Spectraflair at some point.  I'd love to have a car colored in it, but until then, it can go on my nails.  I've begged a fellow blogger to let me buy her Spectraflair, but she's not selling.  You can find some sellers on eBay or through other blogs, but as I've not personally purchased from anyone yet, I'm not providing any links at this time.

Back to the polish.  I didn't have strong sun this day (of COURSE) but look what we had anyway!

Here's the olive green and purple being shown!  I really prefer this over black as opposed to the bare nail.

You can barely see the holographic properties here but more of the purple and some green.

The green is more apparent on the bare nail than against black but again I love it over black more.

Indoors with the flash and BIZ-AAAM.  Spectraflair holographic goodness.  My nails were nuts under the light.  Love it to death.

In case you're wondering, this is what it looked like during removal.

Thanks to The PolishAHolic and social media like Pinterest, Dollish Polish has been SLAMMED with orders and her shop is currently closed as she catches up.  Toxic Avenger is offline until further notice, and she is not taking any pre-orders or putting any bottles on reserve.

Dollish Polish [Etsy] [Facebook] [Blog] [NAILS Nail Art Gallery] [YouTube] ranges from $4-$4.25 for a mini bottle and $7.50-$8.25 for a large bottle.  I paid $4.25 for my mini bottle plus ~$2.00 in shipping.  Because I bought 2 items, my shipping was $4 total.