China Glaze Fast Track

Getting through my back log of postings, one day at a time.  Today is Fast Track from the Capitol Colours collection, inspired by the Hunger Games.  I've seen other people say that this color is for "District 6: Transportation" but I don't recall that being an official statement.  From the leaked preview, this was originally called "Catnip" and was inspired by Katniss.  I prefer it being a color of transportation - you'll see why in a minute.  From the outside, this looks like a basic nude.  I used a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.  Wear time was amazing - I think I went 2-3 days with this color.  Perfect for the office!

Like the bullet fast trains going to the Capitol, Fast Track has some hidden golden shimmer in it!  Kind of like streaks of light as the train sped through.  That's my story, I'm sticking to it.  Deal.

I couldn't decide on one shade picture, so you get two.  I absolutely love my nails at this length, no longer, no shorter.  I'm still getting used to the square look - I think I prefer squoval.

And finally, inside with the flash and you can really see all that lovely gold glitter show up.  I am really happily surprised by this color - I originally thought I'd hate it, and was almost mad to see it in my mailbox.  It's great for the office, it's great to make a statement.  Love love love.

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