FingerPaints Cordur-Orange

Dipping into fall again, today is the FingerPaints Cordur-Orange from the Fall Fashionista collection.  This is a dark orange creme which actually wears darker than what is seen in the bottle.  I used a base of Poshe, 1 coat of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.  I was amazed at how opaque this polish was.

Unfortunately, I did not have any sun, but lots of clouds.  As you can see, the polish looks more red on the nail than orange, but it's definitely an orange creme.

Same story in the shade.  I definitely think it's a great wearable color all year round, despite being a fall collection.  In case this is your first time to PolishGalore, the scoop is that I don't care for fall... not cold enough and not sunny enough.  (Yes, I know that's pretty oxymoronic right there.  And yes, I know oxymoronic isn't a real word, but I like it.)

And finally indoors with the flash - the camera wasn't too happy about focusing on the bottle.  Despite the dark background, I'm actually using natural light behind my front door for lighting and the camera uses the flash to add in.

Definitely a nice wearable color - I'd buy it for a good staple if you don't have a dark orange already.  Great possibilities during Halloween for nail art or even an autumn themed manicure.

FingerPaints [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Blog] can be found in Sally's Beauty Supplies stores and online for $4.99 USD each.

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