China Glaze Riveting

I have another beautiful color from the Capitol Colors collection.  This was another one of those that I went "meh" until it was on my hands and then I just kept saying "wow.  WOW.  wowwwww."  Riveting is supposed to be named for District 3 - Technology.  Yes, I can see how it's kind of like a computer chip with all the lovely microglitter but frankly, I'm with the masses on how I wish this color was kept with the originally name "Fire in Flight" - inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay.  Actually, I think this should have been named for the fire dress that Katniss twirls in during her interview.  By the way, WHY wasn't the interview done the way it was in the book.  I really think that Katniss and Peeta needed to be on stage at the same time since that starts this whole "is he for REAL?!" attitude that she has in the first book.  But I digress.  I used a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.  I probably could have gotten away with just one coat of polish but I got excited and wanted two.  Thin coats works best as I found this polish dries fast.

Once again, I had limited sun but check out how this color just glows!  Now for a bunch of indirect sun pictures...

Geez I love this color so much - I think it's great for a manicure or a pedicure.

A bit of lobster hands here in the shade but otherwise just more squishy shimmer goodness.

Get inside, add the flash and BAM - check this out.  it's super shimmery, lots of gold... I love it.  I definitely want to get the rest of this collection - partly for the collector in me, partly because they rock.  If you can still find them at your local beauty supply store, pick them up!

China Glaze [Website] [Facebook] [Twittercan be found online through several etailers, including my favorite Head2Toe BeautySally's Beauty Supply as well as TransDesign.

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