Stages of Beauty - Toners

Do you use a toner?  I just started using one as part of a face system that I had received last year.  While I'm still not sure what all a toner does (at least I'm honest!), I am always willing to learn - and there are some good facts at the bottom of this release!  Please enjoy the following from Stage of Beauty (images courtesy of Marlo Marketing).

This month, Stages of Beauty launched a collection of four toners, each with ingredients and formulations specific to different ages (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s). Additionally, Founder of Stages of Beauty, Jasmina Aganovic, who is an MIT-trained Chemical & Biological Engineer, shared with us interesting information on incorporating a toner into one’s skincare regimen, below. 

• Tightens pores and reduces pore size

• Restores the skin’s natural pH
• Reverse and defends against free radical damage
• Brightens the skin’s complexion
• Deliver nutrients to smooth and plump the skin
• $19.99 for 4 oz. bottle

Unique Ingredients:

Monk’s Pepper Berry Extract – Anti-oxidant complex shown to dramatically improve the vitality and appearance of skin while fighting signs of aging, promoting a radiant glow and increase hydration.

Red Tea Extract – Found in mountains of South Africa and has been shown to contain SOD, which acts an both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the body, neutralizing free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and aged skin. Red tea is full of vitamins and minerals that increase capillary strength and promote younger, healthier looking skin.

Western Dock – The extract of the Western Dock plant contain Tyrosinase inhibitory enzymes that lighten the appearance of unwanted dark spots.

Facts on Toners:

• Toners rebalance the pH of the skin after cleansing. Did you ever notice how sometimes your skin is red or pink after cleansing? That’s because cleansing can actually be quite abrasive on the skin. The pH is altered and toners help to normalize the pH on the surface of the skin.

• In Asia, toners are known as the “holy grail” of products – they consider it to be among the most important step in their skincare routine.

• The best way to apply a toner is to dispense (or spray) the toner onto a cotton ball and lightly dab the skin. There’s no need to be rough! Some women feel the need to use the toner again if the cotton ball comes back dirty. That’s not true. All that means is that the cleanser didn’t cleanse effectively or you should exfoliate more often.