NOTDs Posts

While I work on cranking out some awesome new polishes from brands like NCLA and Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, I wanted to share some of the recent "Nails of the Day" posts that I've been wearing to work.

7 March:  I wish I remembered what these color were.  I know that the white was a China Glaze older color and the pink was an OPI color.  I really don't care for French manicures but I was on my way to a job interview and needed something quick and classic.  It was cured with Seche Ultra V - UV Activated Top Coat and an older CND UV lamp.  I had this done by my manicurist locally who shapes my nails & cleans up my cuticles.

12 March:  I don't remember what hot pink I used here as a base (this is why I write things down normally!) but the glitter tips was from Mattése Elite Mon Amour.  You'll see a review of that later - promise!

18 March:  Here is butterLONDON Knackered which I had a hard time buying when I saw it on blogs.  No one seemed to show it in the best light - and honestly I don't feel like I am either.  I layered this over one coat of Sephora black (the general small bottles that they sell - I got mine for $1).  I really do love all that's going on here - the multichromed purple and green, the microglitter that almost seems holographic.  Love.

19 March:  From the Capitol Colours collection, China Glaze Fast Track was a great office nude with just a hint of shimmer from the microglitter particles.  You'll see a full review on this later.

20 March:  I bought a gram of SpectraFlair pigment from PaisleyPolish1 on Etsy.  Unfortunately, I apparently bought her last gram because the shop is currently closed.  I put about 4 small spoonfuls (using a nail stick) into a half bottle of Seche Vite, added some thinner (because my Seche was getting thick) and some BB ballz to be able to shake the mix up.  I'll have more of a post later but this is 1 coat of the SpectraFlair top coat over China Glaze Sea Spray.

23 March:  I'm really happy and excited about this manicure.  I used a base coat of Sephora black and then 2 coats of Shades of the Season "white" - a color that I picked up from cvs/Pharmacy over the winter break.  It was in a big tube of polishes and as you can see, the glitter shows up either as green or blue depending on the light.

26 March:  I can't believe I've never done a post on Cult Nails Iconic!  I've had it forever but just hadn't put it on.  The flakes get a bit lost in the red base, but it was still a great manicure.

29 March:  Finally I have the new JulieG Gelato in Venice, the new line of nail polish from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.  This is a mint green creme that reminds me a lot of mint chocolate chip (minus the chocolate chips!).  Oddly enough I only had gelato once in Venice but it wasn't mint - I think it was strawberry.

1 April:  While opening the dryer to get my sheets out, I did this.  Granted this is my right hand but my nails have been getting in the way of my typing and other daily activities so super nubbins I go.

I haven't decided what color to put on my super nubbins but I'm almost thinking of neon.  Neon and nubbins work for me.  :]

Hope you've enjoyed my NOTD!  If you follow me on Instagram (PolishGalore), you've seen all these already, and sometimes I post them on Twitter as well!  :]

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