Cheeky Monkey Thigh Highs vs China Glaze Robotika

While I was swatching Cheeky Monkey Thigh Highs, I thought it reminded me of China Glaze Robotika from the Fall/Winter 2009 Khrome collection.  It's also listed as a type of brow purple metallic chrome type of color.  In the bottle, you can tell that they definitely look similar - it's a bit hard to tell with all the writing on the Cheeky Monkey bottle so let's move to pictures!

For Thigh Highs, I used a base of Cheeky Monkey Get Wet, 2 coats of Thigh Highs and a top of Seche Vite.  For Robotika I used a base of Seche Natural, 1 coat of Robotika and a top of Seche Vite. Unlike Thigh Highs, Robotika did require clean up and I didn't even get it all cleaned up apparently.

Sun picture! 
Cheeky Monkey Thigh Highs looks more plum than China Glaze Robotika in the light.  It also has a bit more depth but that may be because it's 2 coats instead of 1.

Now here it's a tiny bit harder to tell what is what.  Oh you shade, you're so sneaky you.

So what to do?  Do you need both?  Hah, my answer is always yes but I'm slightly biased.  ^_^