Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  I have 3 more blogs for you today!
First up is All You Desire.  One of the few bloggers that swatches with a black background, she has medium squared nails and great cuticles.  She has a lot of purple/blue/greens in her collection and also does some Konad as well.  She does live in the Czech Republic but gets a lot of the US products in a very timely manner to swatch.

Next is Also Knows As.  Blog owner Kellie is one of my favorites and I'm really proud of how well her blog has grown.  She has a variety of nail lengths from nubbins to long but always includes large pictures of her swatches for great polish accuracy.

Last today is Another Nail Blog.  Her nails also vary from nubbins to long and has good color accurate pictures.  She also makes some frankens!