Blogs of Note

YO!  It's my 27th birthday!  Also it's Sunday which means it's that time again!

First today is Blue Tape and Nail Tips.  Owner Cyan has long nails and features a lot of nail art, mostly used with Blue Painters Tape!  She includes a very detailed step-by-step write up of her nail art which is wonderful because you can create it for yourself.  There are also regular nail swatches available as well.

Next up is Body and Soul.  Owner Mary has been includes both makeup and nail swatches on her blog and hosts a monthly contest for some amazing prizes.  She gets a lot of nail wheel information first due to her contacts at Victoria's Nail Supply.  She has short to medium nails and provides accurate color swatches. 

Last today is Bring on the Bling.  Owner Velvet (yes, that's her real middle name) also features both makeup and nail polish and has short nails.  She includes a good number of pictures so you can see the polishes in different lights and angles.