Zoya News!

I'm really glad that I was introduced to Zoya this year.  They are a small, independent cosmetics company that really does appreciate their fans.  I wanted to share some of the news coming out of their offices this week. 

First up, the Cleveland Plain Dealer had a really nice article about their founder, Zoya Reyzis in their Style section.  I absolutely love this picture of Zoya.
Photo Credit: Lynn Ischay
Secondly, there has been a race this year for Facebook Pages.  As some of you know, my actual day (and night) job is working for a Facebook Application, so I've learned way more about Facebook's policies, changes, rules and everything else in the past three years.  When Facebook switched from "Fans" to "Likes", it was a small change but at the same time, made a difference.  Several companies are holding incentives to gain x amount of Fans (or Likes), and Zoya is having one themselves!

Now unlike some companies that are holding product giveaways for a very small number of their fans, Zoya will be holding a promotion for all USA followers to get 3 free bottles of nail polish.  How awesome is that?  As of press time, their Facebook page has 8,300+ followers so please do invite your friends - the deadline is January 3, 2011 - exactly one month from now.