Simply Bags

Not too long ago, a beauty company asked what you keep your makeup in - and I was surprised at the number of people who still use Caboodles (myself included), but carrying a makeup train isn't always feasible, especially for my nail polish which is always too tall for my cases.  The other thing I never got was anything with MY name on it - which is Krystal, not Crystal, not Kristel, Kristal, Chrystal, or whatever other variation... apparently it was popular in the early 80s.  So when I was given the opportunity for a pair of Embroidered Cosmetic Bags ($17.99), I jumped at the chance.  :)

The iPhone wasn't included, I've just added it to show size.  I think the thing that I really enjoy is that this company, Simply Bags, is owned by a husband and wife.  I'm a sucker for helping small businesses and for buying homemade products.  The large makeup bag measures 12" wide x 7" high x 3" and the medium bag measures 10" wide x 6" high.  You can have your bag monogrammed or embroidered with any name 10 characters or less in either fuchsia, kiwi (as shown) or red thread on the large bag only.  I do feel the pattern is a little too bold for embroidering but as you can see on their website, they have many different types to choose from.

Both bags are lined with a fuchsia satin easy clean interior, have a zipper closure and a small loop handle.

The medium bag held 6 bags of China Glaze polish upright without any problems (which was great for me).  With Christmas coming up in just 10 days, this would be a great gift for someone in your life.

In case you're wondering, "gidget" is my nickname from my radio personality days. ^_^

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.