Catrice Urban Baroque

Please enjoy the following release from Catrice:

Limited Edition “Urban Baroque” by CATRICE

Romantic nostalgia and delicate powdery colors meet urban coolness – the new Limited Edition “Urban Baroque” by CATRICE totally reinterprets the popular boudoir style this January and February 2011! Soft pastel shades combined with urban ornaments and tattoos… “Urban Baroque” by CATRICE – the new winter make-up look that you just can’t get enough of!  

Urban Baroque by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Laquer
Cool nails are an integral part of the ultimate Urban Baroque Look. Discreet yet effective, they complement the nude look of your lips. Soft, seductive and unbelievably nonchalant. Thanks to the professional brush and long-lasting texture, these fantastic nail polishes are our absolute favorites this season! Available in 

C01 Pearls & Chains

C02 Baroque & Rock

C03 Princess & Ballerina

C04 Biscuits & Cupcakes.