Merry Christmas!

Man have I been a slacker this month!  The holidays are always weird for me.

But I have this ridiculously excited renewed sense for the New Year!  The best part was hearing that my cousin is as into nail polish as I am (HI KAREN!) and it just reminded me why I love blogging.

Things to come here on Polish Galore:
-Pulling a new winner from my 500+ Followers Giveaway
-Holding my one year blogging Giveaway
-Pulling the winner of my Apothica Giveaway
-Having my Urban Decay Pigments Giveaway
-Loads and loads of nail polish!
-Posting my eyeshadow and pigments collection (TBA, I have more nail polish to review).

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, Happy Holidays to all, and LOTS OF LOVE from me!