China Glaze Tronica

Photo courtesy of China Glaze
Have you seen Tron yet?!  I saw it in 3D on Saturday night for my birthday and even though I didn't see the original, I LOVED this version.

So imagine how freaking excited I was when I heard that China Glaze is coming out with 6 holographic polishes in March/April 2011?!  They will only be available at Sally's Beauty Supply, so make sure to go out and get a membership card! (You don't need one to buy from the store, but it gives you a discount on the polishes).  They look pretty similar to the OMG! Collection but I won't know until I get them... because blogger samples are limited I'm not guaranteed to be able to review but you KNOW I'll be buying ^_^  The only thing I wonder is the promo picture looks like it has 8 colors, not 6... I'll see what I can find about that one.  :)

UPDATE!  There will be TWELVE colors in this collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Techno Teal – Turquoise Holographic
Virtual Violet – Violet Holographic
Electra Magenta – Magenta Holographic
Gamer Glam – Purple Holographic
High Def - Blue Holographic
Hologram - Silver Holographic
Hyper Haute – Raspberry Holographic
3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic
Digital Dawn – Dusty Rose Holographic
Cyberspace – Taupe Holographic
Mega Bite – Gold Holographic
Laser Lime – Lime Green Holographic


  1. Whaat only at Sallys?? I have to get me an American friend cause I have to have these!! :(

  2. Man everyone this collection is already so hyped up! Poor OPI and their Texas collection :P

  3. I wonder if they will hit the nail e-tailers at all. I have a Sally's card but it's cheaper with nail e-tailers.

  4. Fabulous! I will definitely hunt this series down somehow!

  5. I loved the OMG collection, so I am looking forward to this one as well.

    Here are the colors in the collection:

    3d Fantasy - Peachy Pink Holographic
    Digital Dawn - Dusty Rose Holographic
    Cyberspace - Taupe Holographic
    Mega Bite - Gold Holographic
    Laser Lime - Lime Green Holographic
    Techno Real - Turquoise Holographic
    Virtual Violet - Violet Holographic
    Electra Magnenta - Magenta Holographic
    Gamer Glam - Purple Holographic
    High Def - Blue Holographic
    Hologram - Silver Holographic
    Hyper Haute - Raspberry Holographic

  6. The collection is currently available to licensed professionals through our beauty houses... So, not a Sally exclusive! There's hope for you all!!

  7. I don't have any of the holo collections that ChG previously released so I'm getting all TWELVE of these. My friend who's a hairdresser found them yesterday at BSG. I can't go in there and buy them myself since I'm not in the industry, but he's picking them up for me. I couldn't possibly be more excited!

  8. Thank you for this great info. I live in Scandinavia, does this mean that this collection only is limited to Sallys in the US or will it also be sold at some web sites?
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  9. That was my understanding, but apparently not true? I'm going to see what I can find out and get back to everyone.