CND Daily Nail 9.14.11 Glitz & Glam Perfection at The Blonds

Please enjoy the following press release from CND!

The CND Daily Nail 9.14.11
Glitz & Glam Perfection at The Blonds

September 14, 2011 - CND's 15 year anniversary at Fashion Week is almost coming to a close, with only one more day to go. Today's runway nails were Playboy Bunny-approved, feathered and furious, fleshy, and neon bright:

At The Blonds, Kristina Estabrooks created "Glitz & Glam" manicures for a collection inspired by 60's Playboy glamour infused with razzle dazzle spectacle we all know and love. The 20 sets of nail tips took over 100 hours of manual labor to hand detail, and included a "Stockings Series" of manicures portraying fishnets, lacy tights and sexy seams. Vintage cosmic-shaped glass was imported from Germany to shape diamond-decadent nails that shined out loud in the spotlight.

For Wayne, Wanda Ruiz created"Birds of Prey"manicures using CND Colour in Brilliant White with feathered and furious strokes of Blackjack on the tip of each nail to go with fierce, white-out eyebrows.

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, Angi Wingle designed "Rain Coat" manicures to match see-through jackets on the runway. The designer wanted the manicure shade to mirror the flesh tone underneath the nailplate, so CND custom-blended a nail stain using drops of CND Colour in Raspberry Parfait and Guava mixed with Speedey Top Coat.

For Milly, Candice Manacchio fashioned neon bright nails using a blend of CND Colours in Brilliant White, Bicycle Yellow, and Electric Orange, to accessorize fuchsia pink lips and vibrant shades of vermillion, tangerine and jade in the collection.