Emmy Look: Nancy O'Dell's Wrapped Ponytail

Please enjoy the following press release from RUSK!

Entertainment Tonight Host & Rusk Official Spokesperson Nancy O’Dell arrived early on the red carpet to interview the stars as they arrived at the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards.  Dressed in a red mermaid gown - one of the trend setting colors of the night - Nancy completed her look with an elegant up-do courtesy of her celebrity hairstylist Bobby H. Grayson.

"Nancy's gown was such a statement piece, we thought that she needed an on trend up-do to finish the look" said Grayson. Drawing inspiration from many of the ponytails he saw last week during Fashion Week, Grayson created a wrapped ponytail that would keep Nancy's hair looking elegant and sleek throughout the long night. 

Step 1: Bobby began working on Nancy’s towel dried hair, carefully blowing out each section with a round boar bristle brush.  Once her hair was completely dried, he sectioned off an area around the crown of the head and worked hot rollers into that section of the hair.

Step 2: The rest of Nancy’s hair was pulled back into a sleek, low ponytail.  Once the pony was fastened with a hair tie, Grayson took numerous strands that were hanging and began wrapping them around the hair tie to create the wrapped look.  Since Nancy has such long hair, it was easier to create the wrapping.  For shorter hair, Grayson suggests fastening 2 hair ties around the hair.  One at the base of the ponytail and another a inch or so further down.  This way, the hair is secure and easier to wrap.

Step 3: Once Nancy’s hair was fully wrapped around the ponytail, Grayson carefully snuck bobby pins underneath the hair to secure the look and finished this section with a nice spray of Rusk’s W8less Hairspray.

Step 4: To ensure the bottom of the ponytail looked shiny and smooth, Grayson finished the ends with a flat iron.  He then used a touch of Rusk’s Deepshine Oil on the loose hair to give it that extra shine.

Step 5: Finally, Grayson removed the hot rollers from the crown of Nancy’s hair.  These rollers gave the top section some body which Grayson used to create a slight pompadour look, teasing this front section and fingering the strands into place.  Once Nancy’s hair fell perfectly, Grayson completed the look with another misting of Rusk’s W8less hairspray and she was ready for the red carpet.