Groupon: Stress Free Massage Therapy - Corpus Christi, Texas

I have another Groupon** posting today.  Last month, there was another massage Groupon in my local area (still 45 miles away) but instead of buying three like last time, I only purchased one.  This was for the Stress Free Massage Therapy at 4925 Everhart Road, Ste. 121, near McArdle in Corpus Christi, Texas.  For $30, you received a 60-minute deep-muscle therapy (a $70 value) or for $45, you received a 30-minute massage of your choice (a $45 value) and a 30-minute coconut-lime feet retreat (a $45 value; total of $90 value).  I went for the 60-minute deep-muscle therapy for $30.  There were 228 Groupons purchased.

Stress Free Massage Therapy doesn't have a Facebook Page, but does have a personal account located here.  I had decided to drive to Corpus Christi semi-last minute so I didn't think I'd be able to get an appointment on the same day I was calling, but I tried anyway.  My call went to a voicemail and within 7 minutes, I was receiving a call back saying that an appointment was available at 2 p.m. (it was almost noon when I called).

This location is inside of an L-shaped one story business building - near the end of the building.  Unfortunately, the signage is located on a wall of the building that you don't see when driving up, so I spent a few minutes in panic trying to find it.  When I walked in, owner Johnny Valenzuela was calming waiting (and reading a Bible sitting in the waiting area) and warmly welcomed me.  The waiting area has a couple of chairs & a small table where I filled out my questionnaire.  We ended up talking for 11 minutes (I timed it) about Groupon, my walking boot/rheumatoid arthritis, and a bit about his business before we went into the next room where his table was set up.  Johnny and his wife love to help others, from volunteering at the soup kitchen, to massage therapy.  Their motto is "Great Strength comes from Faith in GOD".

The massage room was about the same size as the waiting room, high ceilings painted in a forest green with some inspirational words on the wall and a large mirror on one wall.  The mirror was a bit awkward when I was getting under the table because it was so large, but later it would be useful when making sure my makeup wasn't smeared.  (Thank you Urban Decay potion primer & eyeshadow and MAC mascara!)  There was a small wall hanger for my purse and a chair that I could put my clothing but no hanger (which I'm always iffy on hangers anyway - jeans can be very heavy when hung, but if I had on a nice dress shirt, I wouldn't really want to just throw it on the chair...) but he did have a hair clip available which was awesome since I forgot mine.  He gave me a few minutes to disrobe and get under the sheets on the massage table and said to just vocally let him know I was ready.

I had listed that I was having problems with my right shoulder and I had mentioned the edema in my left ankle/foot, so I was hoping those two places would definitely have more time spent on them.  The lotion that was used was very lightly scented (very appreciated) and had enough give to it that the massage was comfortable (unlike the oil from the last experience).  The pressure was just right and there weren't any distractions.  The ambient music was all instrumental and at a calming tempo with the right volume located near my feet, not my head so I could still hear if Johnny asked me about pressure or how I was doing.  The majority of my massage was done while lying on my stomach which was great for the sore shoulder and ankle which both did have extra attention given.  After the back/shoulders were done, he asked me if I would be okay with a hot towel on my back.  I said yes, and three towels were applied at an appropriate temperature before a final draping was added.  During the foot massage, I fell asleep (always a good sign).

For the final 15 minutes of my massage, I turned over and he asked what I would like focused on, and I mentioned the shoulder again.  He spent the whole time working my neck and shoulders (so they were evenly relaxed) and I definitely felt much better than when I walked in.  After he left so I could redress, I checked the time, and I received an entire hour of massage, even though we started over 11 minutes late.  A true testament for me that someone would honor the entire massage time, even when we didn't start on time.  (Please note that they do require you to show up for your appointment time.)

Upon exiting the massage room, I was offered a cold bottle of water and was not pressured to re-book or purchase any extra services.  This is especially valuable to me, as I was on a time schedule and don't like the pressure of purchasing more after a relaxing massage.

Unfortunately, this location does not take debit or credit cards, and I didn't have any cash on me whatsoever, so I was unable to leave a tip.  I did take a business card so I could mail a check in later (he does take checks).  While this is his business, he does have 2 female masseuses available as well.  When I asked him about a tip, he asked that I only leave a review on his website - that was enough of a tip for him.  I have one better - I'm going to be booking another session.  He does offer some price specials if you're a repeat customer (another great incentive) but that wasn't mentioned until after I said I wanted to re-book at a later date using his website.

Overall this location is definitely an A+ for me: relaxing atmosphere, knowledge and polite masseuse, and great customer service.

Stress Free Massage Therapy has a policy that if you are not satisfied within the first 15 minutes of your massage session, you may request to end the massage and you owe nothing.  They are open week days from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m and you may call or use their online form to request an appointment.  

Disclosure: The services in this post were purchased by me through Groupon.  Stress Free Massage Therapy did not know I would be blogging about my experience but will receive a copy of this blog posting via Facebook message & on their Reviews section of their website.  For more information, please read this post.

**The above following link is a referral link.  I will receive $10 if you sign up for Groupon using my unique link.