Poshe Top Coat & Family

I've been bouncing around with different base and top coats, and now I will be trying another line of products by AII - Poshe!  I know a lot of you have seen or heard of it before, and some even swear by it.  I'll be testing it out for about a month and let you know the results!  Please enjoy the following press release from AII!

Poshé Promotes Healthy Nails Without Damaging Chemicals

Los Angeles, CA – (February 2012): Formulated without Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates, it’s no wonder that Poshé Top Coat is a five-time winner of Allure Magazine’s “Best Top Coat” award and three-time winner of Nails Magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Award”. Poshé Top Coat, along with the rest of the Poshé family of complete nail care products, is coveted by top-notch nail care professionals and nail fanatics alike.

Products in the Poshé line include:

Image courtesy of AII
Poshé Topcoat: This revolutionary formula dries to the touch in one minute. Remarkable gloss and no shrinking make this top coat one of the best in the business.

Image courtesy of AII
Poshé Nail Strengthening Basecoat: This basecoat promotes hardness and helps flexibility, while working as a ridge filler and conditioning nails at the same time. UV inhibitors protect nails from damaging sun rays.

Image courtesy of AII
Poshé Fast Drying Base Coat: For natural or artificial nails, this fast drying, non-yellowing and chip resistant basecoat helps maintain the beauty of the manicure. Great for pedicures as well, this basecoat also protects from staining.

Image courtesy of AII

Poshé AHA Cuticle Care: A unique blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and botanicals are specially formulated to exfoliate and hydrate problem cuticles. It can also be used on elbows, feet and other dry areas. Great for preventing hangnails while promoting healthy nail growth.

About Poshé Nail Care
A logical approach to creating strong, flexible nails based on the science of the natural nail, Poshé uses elements found naturally within the nail plate to nourish and condition, without the use of dehydration techniques. The result is strong, long, natural nails that resist breakage. All Poshé nail care products are formaldehyde and toluene free.

About American International Industries
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