Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow vs China Glaze Techno

Oh yes, you read right.  Lynnderella's Mercury's Rainbow has a twin... China Glaze Techno.  Techno was originally released in the Glitters & Cremes, also known as the Specialty collection, and was re-released in the 2012 spring TechnoPop collection.  I had both sitting on my desk when I had my OMG moment that these two are definitely related.  Check out this bottle shot.

Both have micro and slightly larger hexagonal rainbow/holographic glitter.  The only difference is that Lynnderella has a slight murky grey base and Techno is in a clear base.  I layered 2 layers of polish over Sephora Black and topped with Glitter Tamer.  (My base coat for all was Duri Rejuvacote.)

Sun doesn't do this polish justice, so here is some indirect light.  Now, there is definitely more microglitter in Techno than in Mercury's Rainbow, but it's just really in how many coats do you put on.  I have loads more pictures in the shade now.

Now, how alike are they?  Yeah, more microglitter in Techno, less medium hexagonal glitter and just the opposite for Mercury's Rainbow.  Am I going to keep both?  Yes.  Do you need both?  I wouldn't.  I'm perfectly happy with just my Techno, to be honest.

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