Lynnderella Shape Shifter

Another of my Lynnderella polishes today - this is Shape Shifter, a multi shaped silver/holographic glitter.  There literally is tons of different shapes - "shreds" (literally looks like someone cut up some glitter), bar, hexagonal, round, star, moon... here's a side bottle shot.


I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, and 3 coats of Shape Shifter.  On my index and ring finger, I used a base of Sephora Black before adding the 3 coats of Shape Shifter.  I topped all nails with Lynnderella Glitter Tamer.

Now three coats doesn't really give me full coverage but it does give me lots of sparkle.  I still think I prefer it over black but maybe I do like it on the bare nail?  Oh I'm mixed.

Extreme sun!

Now, I love Glitter Tamer despite the smell because it makes my nails so smooth instead of having the glitter poke up and not be sealed well.

How many different shapes can you see on my nails?  Man I love this polish.

Finally indoors with the flash - not as exciting - the glitter tends to get lost in the nail and all the sparkle is hidden, but this is a great polish to play with in the sun.

Lynnderella is only available through the etailer Llarowe.  Currently, you have to contact Llarowe at the email address in order to get on a shipping list which is sorted in 4 ways, so if you'd like to find out how to order, email that above address. 

Lynnderella is sold by American etailer Llarowe for $15 a bottle.  Glitter Tamer sells for $8.00.