tiara nails

I originally posted about Tiara nails while at Cosmoprof North America and am proud to say that their website has officially launched in the US!  You may order directly from their website for now, but look for tiara nails to be coming to beauty stores in 2012!  Please enjoy the following press from tiara!  Please note that you can click on the images to make them larger.  Want more tiara? [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [YouTube]  All images are courtesy of tiara.

*We may be mindful of the importance of hand hygiene, but often overlook our nails.  
*The medicated formula used in our new antiseptic nails is certified to kill 96.63% of common micro-organisms.
*Sanitizing finish for eating finger foods or even biting your nails – you can trust Tiara Antibacterial nails.

I would like to introduce you to our TIARA brand; "Beauty from tip to toe".  Our TIARA nails are delicately designed and embellished with the artistry only TIARA designers can create, TIARA fashion nails inspire you to enhance your natural beauty from head to toe.  TIARA nails complement your beauty to perfection.

Tiara is the only brand on the market using green technology.   The first antibacterial artificial nail that offers beauty and safe hygiene!    Typical nails use acrylic plastic.  Our ABS plastic offers women a safer product that they can wear longer than the typical acrylic nail; Acrylic nails grow fungus and bacteria.  TIARA brand is the first to use green technology in our nail products - ever mindful of our own and the environment's beauty.  Discover your style of nails - you can't stop at just one.

Some want a signature look, others to be simply different, but at the same time women need to be elegant and exclusively chic.   TIARA makes a sublime fashion statement - for a complete makeover and a beauty that is not just skin-deep.

TIARA style on nails is a gorgeous mix of soft and tough, sweet and risqué, dreamy and down-to-earth.   Though these seductive nails redefine one word: IRRESISTIBLE.

*TIARA brand offers you five different concepts of nail products to respond to the needs of all ages and occasions*