Elixir Lacquers With A K

More than ever, you are seeing indie companies come up with their own nail polish.  Today I bring you Elixir Lacquers, created by fellow blogger - Nicole of Nail Polish Wars.  Recently she had a sale of buy 2, get "A Cool Fool" free, so I had to make a purchase.  Actually, I originally attempted to purchase With a K when she first launched the website but due to a PayPal error, my order had to be canceled and re-ordered.  With a K is listed as a silver and violet holographic micro glitter with violet prismatic hexagon glitter, suspended in a violet jelly base.  This is a 15 ml bottle for $10, and is big three free.  I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.

Now I'm slightly confused that my polish is most definitely pink, not violet, and the "prismatic hexagon glitter" tends to get sucked into the jelly base so you don't see it as well, but I still really love polish that is called "With a K" since I always have to say my name as "Krystal, with a K."

While I was playing with my polish being in the trees, I smudged my middle finger.  Grr.  Can't win, can I?  Definitely a pink color though for me - not purple.

In the shade, you can see what I mean about the prismatic glitter - unlike China Glaze Techno, the glitter is sandwiched into polish.

Finally indoors with the flash and this color almost looks Barbie pink.

So is it purple?  I can't call it purple - just pink.  Not Pepto pink though - more Barbie girl pink.  I wished it had been purple, but maybe it's just batch differences?  Not 100% sure.

Elixir Lacquers [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] is available on their website for $10 a bottle.