High Voltage Lacquer Mad Max

After many days of nasty rains & clouds, I finally had a breakthrough of sun, so I really wanted to get some pictures taken!  High Voltage Lacquer is the new nail polish line from tattoo artist & reality tv show star, Kat Von D.  I will admit that I've watched Miami Ink, LA Ink and yes, even NY Ink, and while Kat wasn't my main reason for watching, I did love watching her style change and evolve.  I own almost all her palettes and a couple of her pigments as well but her dabbling into nail polish had me excited.

These bottles remind me a lot of the old Craze Wet n Wild bottles where the cap is almost the size of the bottle.  These are smaller at 0.25 oz but pricey at $12.50.  (To compare, China Glaze is $6 for 0.50 oz - or twice the size.)  This is Mad Max, a "glittering bright sapphire" that had a duochrome purple look online, and is apart of her "My Vida Loca" collection which was all about the bright, bold spirited heritage of the 80s neon.  This polish is supposed to be intensely pigmented (straight from the website) and big 3 free.

I used a base of Duri Rejuvacote and sadly, 4 coats of polish to get it opaque.  For top coat, I used one coat of CND Air Dry.

So oddly, you can see a purple cast on my hand near my thumb, but huh, no purple on the nail.  This is a shimmery microglitter like blue - almost in the same vein of The Painted Nail "Electric Blue".  While I haven't tried it personally, Scrangie had, and Katie from the Painted Nail immediately recognized it.


In the shade, you can see this color did apply smoothly - just took way too many coats.  

Also, the duochrome is completely lost on the nail.  You can see it again here on the right side of the bottle, but on the nail?  Nada.

Finally, indoors with the flash, and you can see I had some opaque issues and almost looks like application issues but that's just the light hitting the microglitter.  Be sure to scrub your hands well after removing as you'll have little blue glitter all over.  Thankfully, this polish did not stain my hands, but you can never be too careful with blues!

High Voltage Lacquer is available on Sephora.com for $12.50 a bottle.  There are only 4 colors currently, but she may be planning more.  Kat's Twitter was all abuzz the past few months with pictures of new products that she's going to be launching soon (mostly makeup, but I have high hopes).