Caboodles Wants 200k!

It's a little weird to me that I'm older than Caboodles (not by much!) but I definitely remember my first one... it was purple and sparkly (hello), and I loved that thing until the day it broke.  Well, Caboodles is still around and looking to have their biggest giveaway ever!  Please enjoy the following press release!

Caboodles Celebrates 200,000 Facebook Fans

CHICAGO [July 2012] – There’s lots to celebrate for Caboodles this year. The cosmetic organizer brand is in its 25th year as a household name in cosmetic organization. The Caboodles Facebook page is approaching a very important milestone too—the fan count is approaching a staggering 200,000.
When the milestone is major, the celebration must be too! The fan page has been buzzing with hints about a big surprise in store and it’s finally time to stop being coy and spill the beans! Caboodles is celebrating reaching 200k with its biggest giveaway ever. Once the count hits 200k, the giveaway entry form will be accessible for the fans to enter. What makes this giveaway such a big deal? Past giveaways have had 2, 3, or even 10 winners. But this giveaway has 25 lucky winners. Each winner gets a prize pack of Caboodles goodies to get organized and chic. The prize pack includes:
  • -          Classic On-the-Go-Girl case in fuchsia pearl
  • -          Caboodles t-shirt
  • -          Caboodles beach tote in pink
  • -          Caboodles flashdrive
  • -          Ooh La La petite train case
  • -          Curve Appeal wristlet
  • -          Bitsy Bag evening bag
  • -          Ready to Go Valet makeup bag

But that’s not all! You don’t think they’d give away empty Caboodles for such a momentous occasion do you? Each prize pack will also include some awesome beauty products inside, thanks to giveaway sponsors Ardell, China Glaze, TanTowel, and Senna Cosmetics. Winners will be able to bronze it up, polish those nails, gloss those lips, and bat their lashes in style – all as a thank you for being a Caboodles fan.