Jesse's Girl Cosmetics at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2012

I love Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.  There is something really special about a company that is all about bringing quality cosmetics at a great price.  I love the high pigmented, easy applied, long wearing, unique nail polishes but did you know that they also have lipglosses, liquid lipstick, eyeshadows, eye dusts, and more?  Oh yes.

Coming up in the following year are new lipglosses- as you can see below!  Also, instead of a normal doe foot applicator, these come with a mini brush (like MAC Lipglass) for easier application.

Oh, those glowing things on the end?  Yeah, it's their new "Glowstick" lipgloss.
Jesse's Girl is also planning 12 new lipsticks but they were not available for showing at Cosmoprof.

Also coming up is a new eye palette.
The price on that thing?  $4.99.  Yep.  They will also be coming up with 6 combos of three eyeshadows (think Smashbox Photo Op trios).

I was really excited about this last item coming out.  I didn't get a photo of the prototype but it's a waterproof eyeliner in an airless canister that clicks when it's closed.  No more uncapped eyeliner being smooshed in your purse anymore!  Best part?  It's a SUPER fine pen-like tip from Japan which can go from super fine to thick without any issues.  No crazy liquid, no chalkiness...  what was amazing was as soon as I applied it, it was dry.

YouTube guru and nail polish creator, JulieG was there with her current line.  My lips are zipped on what's coming up new in the world of JulieG, but let me just say it's COOL.  I did get to take a picture with her and let me tell you, this woman is seriously amazingly sweet.  (Special thanks to Polarbelle for the picture!)

That's all for today!  Make sure you keep watching for more amazing things from Jesse's Girl in your Rite Aid next month.  Hint: It has to do with Jesse's Girl nail polish, something "glam"orous, and yours truly's nails!