NCLA Fall & Holiday 2012

Photo courtesy of NCLA Facebook Page

While wandering Cosmoprof North America on Day 1, I came across the booth for NCLA (hooray!), and I was hoping to finally get to meet the creator in person after talking to her via Twitter & Instagram for months.  I was shocked that she was as young as she is and so successful (and beautiful!) and frankly, some of her new polishes are to die for.  I was able to get a sneak peak of what she has coming out this fall and holiday 2012.

For fall, NCLA is coming out with the "Going Out in LA" collection - 4 colors that are all about the nightlife in the city.  Granted, my only experiences in LA have been at the airport, but I promise you, that will change one day.  I have too much love (and friends!) that are in that area, and way too much that I want to see before I go old and grey in this world.  (Haha, like I'll allow myself to go grey.  That's what hair dye is for!)

From left to right we have the stunning Call Me for the After Party, a metallic blue; Rock Solid, a charcoal polish with silver glitter; Without Me There is No VIP!, a burgundy metallic with slight rainbow holo glitter and Dirty Martini, an olive green/yellow.  Unfortunately, I do not have the release date for these polishes just yet but will keep you updated.

NCLA also has many different nail wraps to choose from (which yes, I suck at applying, but I watched the NCLA girls put on tons of wraps on men and women alike without a bubbling edge or ragged tear, so it's just me) and this year they will be coming out with two limited edition "lace themed" wraps.
On the left is I Am Your Muse, a red with black lace print and Roomservice: Stilettos & Champagne, a silver with black netting lace.

Finally we have the 2 holiday sets coming out this winter.  These gift boxes will contain 2 bottles of pre-existing colors (as shown on the left and right) and a limited edition NEW color (in the middle).

The Glitz contains the new limited edition High Above The City Lights, which contains shards of rose gold glitter.

Meanwhile The Ritz includes the new limited edition Let's Pop Bottles, Pink Champagne! a metallic rose.  Pricing on these holiday gift sets was not available, nor was their release date.  At press time, the two limited edition polishes will ONLY be available as part of the holiday gift sets, and will not be sold on their own.

There will also be 3 more nail wraps for Fall/Winter 2012 but I did not have permission to share those at press time.  They do not appear to be limited edition.