Studio One, Portland, Maine

As you can see above (and I mentioned earlier!) I got engaged on 19 June 2012.  It was short and sweet - he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date, pulled out the box, asked me to marry him.  :]  We were traveling to Maine, his home state, at the end of June, and I really wanted to get a Shellac manicure for the week long trip that would end with his family reunion.

I originally was going to a place near my town to have it done, but due to family circumstances, I had to cancel and pray for a place in Maine to get Shellac done.  I checked the CND Salon Locator and found Studio One, in Old Port, Portland, Maine.  It was about a 30 minute drive from where we were staying, so I convinced the fiance to go and we could check out some cool architecture.

I decided not to make an appointment and instead to just "walk in" and see what kind of service I could get. To my delight, they had an opening in 45 minutes, so we headed downstairs to Anthony's to eat (which was amazing, by the way).

The salon itself is very open and inviting while still maintaining a professional vibe.  The magazines available are current (which you don't really think about but when you're at an appointment early, it makes a difference!), and they offered me a water, but I declined since I had just eaten lunch.

Now, I cannot for the life of me find the business card from my manicurist, so I do apologize that I am not mentioning her by name.  

Studio One offers other gel services too, such as Young Nails, but I was pleased to see that for the Shellac services, all the CND products were being used.  Mixing and matching products can result in flawed results for the client.

Because I had just recently had a manicure, I didn't need my nails trimmed or shaped, and I chose to put on Hollywood, a pretty red, with a top coat of Mother of Pearl, a light holographic scattered glitter, much like China Glaze Fairy Dust.

I ended up spilling that I was a nail blogger, so my manicurist did not explain the entire process to me but I really loved that she had it down to an art on her side.  She would have one hand in the UV lamp while the other was being polished, and then she would move the lamp over for me so I didn't have to twist my wrists or cross my arms to get to the lamp.  It was a relaxing hour that ended with a soft hand scrub with a CND spa scrub.

The ONLY complaint that I have was that at the end of my Shellac manicure, instead of using 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove the "sticky layer" that sits on top of the nail after the top coat has cured, she used pure acetone.  I literally drew my hands back in horror and said "What is that" after smelling acetone, and she assured me that she did this with all her Shellac manicures.  

This is not what CND has said to use.  CND has explicitly said that only 99% isopropyl alcohol should be used to remove the "sticky layer."  Acetone is used to break down Shellac through the microtunnels that is created by the Shellac coats.  Needless to say, I allowed her to wipe my nails with the acetone, and as a result, my nails felt rubbery until the day I removed said Shellac.  She also did not apply Solar Oil after my manicure, but I asked for some anyway, and she provided it from her desk.  (I was not offered a mini bottle to take home.)

I paid $30 for my Shellac services on 26 June.

Freshly Shellac-ed!
Other than the "rubbery" feeling, I was very pleased with my Shellac manicure from this location and if I was in the area again, I'd come back.  I would, however, stop her from using acetone this time on my finished nails.

I removed my Shellac on my own on 10 July 2012 without any issues.  CND does not recommend for the client to remove her Shellac on her own to maintain the integrity of the nail.  
Shellac - 10 days later! 
I had zero lifting, splitting, tip wear, or any other problems after my 14 days... I just wanted a nail polish change.  :]

Edit: I had the original dates wrong. I wore this polish for 14 days, not just 10.

Shellac Day 14
Left Hand - Day 14
Right Hand - Day 14