Creative Professional

Yesterday before we left for the day, I was able to sit down with Creative Professional, a large line of brushes, combs, hair care and accessories line that has been around for 25 years.  This family owned business even has the daughter's best friend working along side to help market their hundreds of products to salons, professionals and consumers.  Currently you can purchase their brushes online or in Ricky's in NYC.  In fact, their brushes are the #1 brand of brush sold in Ricky's - even outselling Ricky's own line!  All brushes are manufactured in Korea by the same location since the beginning of the company.

One of their most popular brushes in the Pro Triangle Brush with it's T-curve design to give the user more control.  Hair is captured in the brush to reduce the twisting of the hand, saving your wrists from pain.  A silver ceramic barrel works to heat up quick and cool down equally fast while the nylon and reinforced boar bristles glide through the hair.  This brush is perfect for creating straight hairstyles and at around $20, you won't break your bank.

Another extremely popular brush for CP is the Detangler Wet/Dry brush.  Wet/dry brushes are extremely popular right now because you can use them either right after the shower or hours later.  The soft flexible bristles remove tangles without snagging.  They cost around $14.

As I stated before, you can purchase online or in salons like Ricky's.  If you are a hair care professional, you may open an account with CP for deep discounts and flat rate shipping regardless of how large your order may be.

One product that they did not have, but looks extremely interesting is a flat iron made with ceramic plates that can either work like a normal flat iron or with give you lush beach waves.  I kid you not.  Check it out.

Creative Professional is still working on cultivating their social media, so their Facebook and Twitter accounts are currently inactive, but I will add them in once they are valid.