Duality Cosmetics: Nail-Pak

Recently I received an email about a new product from Duality Cosmetics that really caught my eye.  I travel with nail polish quite often, but it can get messy having my base coat, my polish, my top coat, my remover, cotton pads... you get the picture.  I lost an entire bottle of CND Stickey on my trip to Florida last year because I didn't close it tightly enough before putting it in my plastic bag.  Sigh.

Well this won't solve all my polish needs but it's still something pretty awesome!  Please enjoy the following press release.  (All images courtesy of EFG PR.)  I do apologize for the "small" picture but if you click on it, it will pull up full size.

Duality Cosmetics Introduces Nail•Pak
Manicures as easy as 1…2…3!

A revolutionary concept in nail care, the innovative new cosmetics company, Duality Cosmetics, has conjured up Nail•Pak, a patented 3-in-1 nail care system designed to manicure nails in three simple steps—R.F.P… Remove, File and Polish. Inspired by the fashionista in all of us who have the desire to create and maintain well-manicured nails, the Nail•Pak is the answer to your nail care needs whether you are at home, at work or on the road. 

The unique and portable Nail•Pak is a complete nail care system in one convenient patented package. The top half contains an on-trend nail polish or treatment lacquer, the bottom half houses 40 user-friendly, pre-soaked polish remover pads—which can easily be replaced with a refill Pak when needed—and a mini removable nail file is strategically placed in between. 

“I’ve always had a passion for solving problems—especially ones that arise in our every day lives. I set out to create quality, multipurpose products that combine the utmost convenience with a fashion-forward appeal for the modern woman who is always on-the-go. With Nail•Pak, a perfect manicure is at your tips in just one bottle, and this is only the beginning of Duality Cosmetics—expect a lot more to come!” says Barbara Lampugnale, Executive Director and Founder of Duality Cosmetics. 

Nail•Pak is launching this April with a 2-in-1 top and base coat, and two polish collections including a classic collection and spring collection—each offering six hues. The first of six products in the Nail Rescue collection of nail treatments to soothe, rebuild and improve your nails is Florence, a base and top coat that delivers high-shine, long lasting protection against UV damage, yellowing, stains/discoloration and chipping. As a mother to six girls, Lampugnale aptly named the classic polish collection My Girls, which pays homage to her daughters: Brittany, a smokey rose creme; Bethany, a shimmering cherry tobacco; Grace, a sweet peachy pink; Gabriela, a bold cabernet red; Faith, a classic pale pink creme; and Peyton, a red creme with blue undertones. Hope Springs Eternal is named after six women who inspire hope among women of all ages: Rosa, a rosy red with touch of pearl essence; Amelia, a fiery bold cremey orange; Ellen, an aqua blue creme; Jennifer, a grape purple with iridescence; Maya, a bubble gum pink crème; and Teresa, iridescent lavender pearl. 

Keeping nail health in mind, the long lasting, salon strength formulation in the polish and treatment laquers are chipresistant and free of dibutyl-phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. To ensure nails stay as healthy and strong when taking off polish, the pre-soaked freshly scented Nail Polish Remover Pads have been formulated free of damaging acetone and alcohol and instead contain healing and moisturizing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. 

Duality Cosmetics’ Nail•Pak, which comes in its own drawstring travel pouch, will debut April 2012 for $15.00. All products will be available at DualityCosmetics.com.

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About The Founder 
Barbara Lampugnale, a hard-working and determined mother of six girls, always had visions of creating innovative, fashionable and practical items for women with active lives. At six years old, she designed a line of Barbie clothes out of old socks and throughout her adolescence made clothing, jewelry and candles for her closest friends. 

Motivated by her love of color, fabrics and design, she attended the National Association of Interior Decorating of Washington, D.C. and landed a job with a highly respected interior design company in Texas. Determined to own and operate her own business, she founded Barbara’s Interiors in 1994, which she successfully operated until she moved her family across the country to be closer to her roots. 

Leaving her company behind was extremely difficult, but her optimism and determination led her to find her true secret passion— cosmetics. Sebastian International satisfied her love of cosmetics and allowed for a flexible schedule to raise her girls. Always a self-proclaimed beauty junkie with an interest in the season’s hottest colors and trends, she knew cosmetics was her calling. 

During the pregnancy of her identical twin girls, she had an epiphany and the creation of Duality Cosmetics was born. As her family grew to include six daughters, Barbara’s motivation, skills and business acumen thrived. Keenly aware of her desire to bring beauty and color into the lives of those around her and with her energy, tenacity and incredible desire to succeed, she was motivated to put into action an idea she had developed for a dual purpose nail polish product. Duality Cosmetics is a company dedicated to creating quality, efficient, multipurpose cosmetics that are fun, functional and fashionable for women with active lifestyles. 

Focused on the objective and calling on her own life’s experience and values, Barbara manages her business passionately but firmly. Her goal is not only to be an inspiration to her daughters and other women but to also inspire all women to find their beauty within. Successfully balancing her home and career, she is a remarkable role model to her family and is actively involved in charities that serve the needs of children and women. Barbara is affiliated with CEW, Start Up Nation, Savor The Success, Ladies Who Launch and The Mogul Mom. 

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank in season 3, episode 12, Barbara believes that honesty, fairness, hard work and dedication are the keys to success in business. She is confident about her ability to manage it all… and she is ready for more. 

Barbara lives in West Hartford, CT, with her encouraging husband and 6 daughters.