China Glaze Stroll vs Ruby Pumps

So if you're on my Twitter, you've seen it blow up over the HBO True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience in the past week.  Here's the low down - on June 1st, HBO is hosting a Live Q&A session with Alan Ball (creator) and some of the cast members, following is a showing of the Season 2 Season Finale (previously aired) and finally a sneak preview of Season 3 (rumors are swirling that we'll actually see the first episode of Season 3, unconfirmed).  To win, people had to log on to True Blood's Facebook page in the 6 minute window that your theater city was announced, and click to see if you were a VIP winner.  There are only 50 theater cities in the USA, and a minimum of 50 people were chosen per theater.  Each winner received 2 tickets... so we're talking a minimum of 100 people per theater but they were also giving away General Admission tickets at some theaters, so .... I have no idea how many people will truly be there.

Now, HBO is pulling out the stops for this one.  Each theater city will have a red carpet entrance complete with photographers and whatnot.  The event starts at the same time in each theater, 11:00 p.m. for us Central Truebies (as they are called).  So it's going to be a late night.

IN ADDITION, HBO asked for "sheriffs" to call out from each theater city.  No one knows fully what they do, or what they will be asked to do, despite at least one leaked document online that may or may not have been genuine...  anywho, I "applied" and well, I won!  There is only 1 sheriff per theater city, so 50 sheriffs throughout the entire event.  ^_^

I haven't completely figured out what I'm going to wear.  Some people are seriously going all out - fangs, capes, the whole nine yards.  I originally signed up on the site as a Fangbanger which is the character that willingly allows a vampire to feed on them (awesome, huh?).  Typically in the show, fangbangers are kind of the equivalent of a groupie.  (Sorry Mom.)

While I'm still assembling my outfit, now I'm stuck on nail polish.  I originally was thinking of a vampy red or maybe even a hooker red, but I forgot how boring cremes are for me.  I want something that pops, so I went through about 10 polishes and finally settled between two.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a red glitter in a red base and it sure does shine.  I'm wondering if it's too much shine for this event.  China Glaze Stroll (from the Retro Diva collection) is a reddish gold glitter in a dark fuchsia base.  I used Seche Natural for my base, three coats of each polish, and a layer of Seche Vite to top it off.

Now I just need to pick one!  Please vote for me in the poll below ^_^