Essie "Color Your Prom Night"

Please click on the image to see it larger.

Oh Prom - remember that night?  Yeah, I had a horrible prom too.  I actually got fake acrylics for the first time for my senior prom.  Yeah, dumb of me.

Essie can be purchased on their website [official website] or etailers like Head2ToeBeauty [official website] or TransDesign [official website].


  1. Looks like some pretty colors. I actually had a pretty good prom. :0)

  2. I was forced to go to my prom, actually. :-) My parents swore it was an experience I'd never forget and I didnt want to miss it. Blah blah blah. It sucked and I wasted a lot of money. But to those who are going to prom, um...yippe for you!
    Oh yeah, what were we talking about? Essie' prom night color suggestions. Ehh.