Fing'rs EDGE 31120

I really have a love/hate with fake finger nails.  I love to look at them.  In a box.  I hate to attempt to wear them. I picked these up at Wal-Mart for just a few bucks - maybe $5 at the max?  The only reason I got them was because they had stick-on tabs.  Again, I'm a no-glue kinda girl.

The design is pretty awesome!  They don't have names, just numbers so this is fing'rs EDGE 31120

Now you can also use glue, but um, no thanks.  There are 24 different sized sticker tabs that you first peel off the backing and stick it to your finger, but leave the other side of the sticker still on.

Can you already smell trouble?  The glue on the pointer finger started to SLIDE off my finger, as you can see right at the top (tip) of my finger.  Also, I picked a size too small on my ring finger, and it didn't even cover the whole nail.  Plus as you can see, the sticker just didn't "sit" right on all the nails.

I apologize for the bad picture quality - I took these in my office, right before bed.  I was going to give them the "sleep test" like I did for my Claire's nails... see how they hold up in bed.  You can see that the ringer finger was definitely too short, but also that the glue was bubbling weird on the pinkie.

I swear to you, not even 3 minutes after taking this picture, I spied this.
Houston, we have lift off!  I was a little shocked, but just decided to type a blog post out anyway, and then it literally just fell off.  Like, fell off.  Just "plop" onto my keyboard.  But that's not the only one.  My MIDDLE finger plopped off next - just fell off.  I looked at my thumb and it was lifting too, so I just touched the tip with my ring finger, and pop, it fell off too.

At this point, I was flat out annoyed.  I peeled off the remaining two nails (which were the only ones that stuck on) and went to go brush my nails off with all this gross glue.  How was it that the glue was massively STUCK to my nails, but didn't even PHASE the fake nails?  LAME.

Rating?  F.  Like, don't even bother.  What's worse, is I went to their website tonight, and the main site is definitely geared to younger girls [official website].  The pinks and purples, the young models, the girlie young fonts on the products.  Yeah.  It took me a minute to even find the nails I bought which is apparently it's own subdomain [EDGE official website].  They have a MySpace which REALLY showed me how "young" this stuff is marketed... loves Justin Timberlake, loves Paris Hilton... I don't know any 22 year old (the MySpace age on the profile) that has their head that far up in the clouds.  Apparently you can also sign up for a free sample on their website under "Be A Product Tester".  Go for it - just don't pay for this stuff... at least not the "tab" ones.  I can't comment on the glue - maybe it's the best ever!  OH I found it - they DO have a Twitter.  I'm very into companies being on Twitter... I feel it's MUCH more personal.  Well, they aren't going to enjoy this review - sorry Fing'rs [official Twitter page].