ManGlaze #Matte is Murder

Also in my package of ManGlaze (snickers) was the #Matte is Murder, which is the black matte of the group.  Not sure why there is a number sign before the word matte.  It's that way with #Matte Astrophe as well.  Insight?  I've always been a bit shy with black polish but a black matte reminds me of a chalkboard, and I've seen some awesome black on black nail art lately, with matte and shiny coats being intermixed.

I used a base coat of Seche Natural and 2 coats of #Matte is Murder for this - again this polish was nicely mixed, good consistency and great dry time.  It's a great black matte, but I really think I like Fuggen Ugly better.  Sun picture!

Shade picture!
My hands have looked increasingly red lately.  I'm working on it.  New meds and stuff.

And of course, a layer of Seche Vite to make things shiny!
WHOA.  This one has even MORE rainbow goodness to it - check it out!  Seriously, click the picture and make it larger.  I was in LOVE.

You can see more of the green sparkle in this one - thanks green grass that is taller than me in some places (tomorrow is "mow the lawn day").  Rain + insane heat = tons of grass.  And mosquitoes.  :[

Again, another winner in my book by ManGlaze.  I like that you have two very different looks - a matte or a rainbow shine.  Always fun to get more than one look out of a polish.

You can purchase ManGlaze on their website [official website].