Cheeky Monkey Martini Daze

Cheeky Monkey Martini Daze is listed as streaky silver - how's that for a description?  Heh, I was hoping this was more of a creme, but it's definitely a shimmer - reminds me of a chrome even.

I used a base coat of Cheeky Monkey Wet Dream, followed by 3 coats of Martini Daze, and I did not use a top coat.  I was hoping that Martini Daze would be more of a solid grey than a silver.

Oh shiny nails.  I did use 3 coats instead of the recommended 2 since I felt that after 2 I still had a little VNL.

Under my patio, I have this odd green sheen that comes off on my nails sometimes (as you see on the middle finger especially).  I assure you that there is no green in this polish.  ^_^

Overall it was a nice color to wear - you can see the brush strokes a bit but it's definitely more of a silver shimmer than a streaky silver.

Cheeky Monkey can be purchased on their website [official websitefor $15 a bottle.