Zoya Nidhi vs China Glaze Raspberry Festival

Hey cousin, what's up?  It's difficult to sometimes be original in colors, and these two buddies are pretty close to each other.  Zoya Nidhi is from the 2010 Summer "Sparkle" Collection and China Glaze Raspberry Festival is from the 2009 Summer "Summer Days" Collection.  When I was swatching Nidhi, I had the feeling I had seen the color before.

As I said before, the sun doesn't really like red glass fleck for some reason.  My font also doesn't like the work "Nidhi"  These two look very close in the sun, as seen in both the sun picture above and the bottle picture up top.

In the shade you can finally tell a little different.  I used 2 coats of Nidhi and 3 coats of Raspberry Festival for this manicure... in the index and middle fingers you can tell that Nidhi (index) is darker, more pigmented with a silver glitter, while Raspberry Festival (middle) is lighter with red glitter.  For whatever reason, the ring and pinkie fingers look the exact same to me.

Now these two colors do have their pros and cons - both applied and removed quite well but I did have to use 3 coats of Raspberry Festival to achieve the same opaqueness that Nidhi has.  But Nidhi is $7 a bottle and you can find Raspberry Festival for as low as $3.50.  Oh decisions, decisions.

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