Zoya Mimi vs China Glaze Grape Juice

While Zoya released glass fleck glitters this summer, it was China Glaze who did so last year around this time.  China Glaze's "Summer Days" collection was much talked about at the time, and I happily grabbed all of them, but sadly the first time I tried on Grape Juice, I had horrible issues with application.  I was just learning and my nails were a mess.  I couldn't get the color to be opaque and I was MUCH too impatient, so I put the color back on the shelf and waited for a sunny day to try it again.

When I was applying Mimi yesterday, my mind wandered back to Grape Juice and I wondered how similar they were to each other.  China Glaze is cheaper than Zoya ($3.50 versus $6.00) and last I saw, China Glaze moved Grape Juice to their core lines at Sally's Beauty Supply.

In the bottle picture above, you can clearly see that Mimi is already a darker color than Grape Juice, but I still wanted to try it out on the nail.

Mimi isn't really THAT dark but when paired up with Grape Juice, the camera goes nuts.  This is 2 coats of Mimi but 3 coats of Grape Juice and I still had some VNL under it.  I have to hand it to Zoya for having loads of pigment in their Sparkle collection.

Here in my shade picture, not only can you tell these are completely different but even the glass flecked glitter is a different - Mimi is more of a purple silver glitter where Grape Juice is definitely a silver glitter.

I still love both polishes, and I've thought of using Grape Juice as an overlay on China Glaze Grape Pop sometime.  Both polishes had a smooth consistency and great removal process.

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