Color Club Mrs. Robinson vs China Glaze Purple Panic

Are you seeing double?  Sure looks like it.  As soon as I put on Color Club "Mrs. Robinson" I was thinking "Hey, I have this color."  Introducing China Glaze Purple Panic from the INK collection - a purple neon...

I used Seche Natural for my base, and 2 coats of each polish to stay consistent.  I did not use a top coat to keep the matte look of the neon polish.
Oddly enough, on the nail, you can actually tell this is two different colors, but just slightly.  Mrs. Robinson has a darker purple hue to it and slight more red, where Purple Panic is lighter with more blue in it.  I showed a friend my hand, and he instantly knew they were different colors, so while these are totally related, they aren't complete duplicates.

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