Savvy Deep Amethyst

While at Sally's Beauty Supply during their "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" sale, I spied a rack of colors I had never heard of before - "Savvy".  According to Sally's website "Savvy Nail Lacquers are beautiful and long-lasting. This professional formula bonds to the nail for extended wear. Infused with Hydraplex, a blend of botanicals which conditions, protects, strengthens and reinforces the nail to keep the nail flexible for all day, chip-resistant finish. UV absorbers protect against fading to maintain the true color of polish while intense pigments prevent polish from streaking for full coverage."  I guess they had just got through a logo and other cosmetic makeover because the website has a very different looking bottle that this one.

Confession time.  I am a logophile.  There's just something about words that I adore.  I'm obsessed with fonts and typography, but also just words themselves.  First my eye was drawn to the purple, but then I read "Amethyst" and this beauty went into my basket.

Since I'm not familiar with this brand at all, I used Seche Retain as my base (a safe bet) and 2 coats of Deep Amethyst.  The polish was a little runny for me, pooling a bit into my cuticles but not so much that I'd consider chunking it.  The only let down is that I KNOW I have a dupe for this polish in my stash (which by the way has overgrown its cases and now I'm going to have to buy at least 2 more of).

This is a dark purple with blue undertones and has very fine red and blue microglitter in it, giving it a nice shimmer.  Shade pictures just made it look dark, sadly.

Overall, a nice color but again I know I have a duplicate color so I hope to get a comparison shot some time.

I haven't found Savvy anywhere else online but Sally's (but I didn't look ALL that hard) and I bought it for $3.99 a bottle.