Cheeky Monkey Come Hither

Come Hither was an awkward color for me in the bottle.  It looks black, or even espresso brown, but when I put it on my nail wheel, I totally saw red.  Yes, red creme.  Cheeky's website describes it as black plum, so black purple?  Either way, I knew I needed to try it on.

I used Cheeky Monkey Wet Dream for my base and started with 2 coats of Come Hither.  However, I wasn't totally happy with it application with 2 so on my index and middle fingers, I put 3 coats.  I did not use a top coat, since this stuff was pretty lethal without it (shiny wise).

I guess I can see the whole black plum thing now - but this was only in the "sunlight" (which for me is cloudy with a bit of sun right now).  It was easier to see the "plum" with 3 coats, but it was definitely more reddish purple with 2 coats.  In the shade, this color was just super dark - I'd like to wear it during the day.

Cheeky Monkey can be purchased on their website [official websitefor $15 a bottle.