Color Club Pucci-licious

Color Club Pucci-licious was a neon purple from the Poptastic collection.  Like most neons, it dries matte, and it nearly impossible to photograph, although it was a problem of my camera seeing purple and thinking BLUE.  I was able to color correct my pictures to show the true purple of this color.

I've been having hit or miss problems with Color Club, and this was another one.  I used Seche Natural as my base and my first coat of Pucci-licious was very hard to apply, but I'm going to chalk that up to being a neon.  I went thicker than normal to try and make sure I didn't have bald spots, and then used a second (still thick) coat to even out any lumpiness.  I did not use a top coat to keep with the matte.  I did, however, totally screw up the polish on my thumb before walking outside to take pictures.  Go figure.

It looks nice on the nail once it's all said and done though - almost a cornflower purple blue?  Either way, it's unlike anything I have, and I like it.

I had a peek of sun, and tried in vain to get a good picture but this just makes it look glossy instead of matte.  I assure you, it's a matte finish.

Color Club is located on several etailers, including Head2Toe Beauty which has it for $3.00.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

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