CND Blackjack

I'm still getting my feet wet with the CND line.  I feel like I would benefit the most from the Effects line, because of the versatility, but before you have an Effect, you have to have a Colour.  I (not to terribly) recently purchased 3 CND Colours, and today I tried Blackjack.  Because I'm an idiot and deleted my camera pictures before copying them to my computer, I don't have a bottle picture anymore, but I have my sunshiney WHOA picture.

Why whoa?  Because this is BLACK.  I used Seche Natural for a base and just ONE coat of Blackjack to get this amazing creme opaque.  I was so shocked that it covered so well, so smooth, so quickly.  I didn't even use a top coat, but check out that shine!  I think this is my new black - I have two by another company, but I haven't even reviewed them yet, and I'm already calling this an easy winner.  I'm also sold on the bottle design - where most people would be upset about all that extra glass (empty space), I love how it in cases the polish.  Then again, I'm random like that.  I would definitely pick up Blackjack if you're looking for a great black to cover in one coat, and cover it well.

CND is available for $9 per colour, and $11 per effect and you can find locations to buy hereTransDesign and Head2ToeBeauty has the colours for $4.50 and effects for $5.50.