Illamasqua Phallic

Illamasqua Phallic is quite an interesting color.  The company describes it as a shimmering midnight navy, which is pretty darn accurate.  I haven't seen a bottle of Essie "Starry Night" in person, but this is what I'd imagine it would look like.  Illamasqua's website shows Phallic to be lighter than it is - it's definitely a DARK color.  I'm calling this a glitter since it has glitter in it - more so than a shimmer.  The polish was very easy to take off as well.  I wore it overnight and didn't have a problem with color bleed on my cuticles when I was removing it.

The squared off bottle is a little hard to work with but I preferred it to the actual brush top, after I removed the square top.

I used Seche Retain as my base coat (trying to keep my nails strong!), 2 coats of Phallic to cover all bald spots, and a top coat of Seche Vite.  The formula on this polish was quite nice - I didn't have any pooling into the cuticles and but it wasn't too thin either.

Shade pictures just wouldn't work here, so instead I have 2 sun pictures for you.
This one shows you more of the blue in the bottle - while this picture is color accurate for the blue, it's definitely not what you see mostly on your nails.

This is more like it.  Very dark dark navy with a hint of blue glitter.  It's still very pretty but not a good spring color by any means.  ^_^  I'm interested in trying more of this line - the application was very nice.

For those in the States, you can purchase Illamasqua from Sephora [official website] for $14 a bottle.

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